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Acrylic Embedments


What Are Embedments Anyway?

Embedments are a creative way to display items by suspending them in clear plastic.
Further, we can screen print and/or engrave text & images on your embedment.
They make for great milestone markers & recognition awards.

Beer can embedded in acrylic Model jet embedded in acrylic Soda Can Embedded in Acrylic Gold nugget suspended in lucite Diet soda can embedded in clear plastic


What can be Embedded?

You might be surprised at the variety of objects that can be embedded. It is a wonderful way to
capture a moment in time. Just ask us and we'll see if we can embed your item. Lucite embedments
certainly make interesting mementos and conversation pieces, not to mention great corporate awards.
Wedding glass permanently embedded in lucite Spam preserved forever in clear plastic Rootbeer can embedment Padlock locked in plastic


Commemorate Products

Capture the excitement of your company's achievements by celebrating new products or releases.
Product embedded in lucite Product embedded in lucite Product embedded in lucite Product embedded in lucite



You can select from a variety of standard shapes such as rectangular blocks, pyramids, triangles, hexagons, and circles,
or choose a specialty shape like an acrylic award in the shape of a star or obelisk!
Medal embedded in a clear acrylic puck Police badge embedded in a clear acrylic obelisk Anniversary medal embedded in an acrylic pyramid Medal ebedded in an acrylic hexagon



Use color to make your award stand out or to match your organization's colors.
Police Badge embedded in acrylic Lucite embedded lightbulb Software Compact Discs embedded in acrylic Police badge embedded in acrylic


Embed Documents

Display photographs, objects, or even miniaturized versions of your financial
transactions in a lucite embedment to mark financial and corporate milestones.
Miniaturized document embedded in acrylic Two dollar bill in clear plastic Registration document embedded in acrylic Photograph suspended in clear plastic
Embedded Image is Viewable from Both Sides

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